It was stupid beyond belief!!

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Hollywood Actress “Nathalie Kay Hedren” famous as “Tippi Herden” was bold enough to make her young one sleep with Lion, this was an everyday stunt at Tippi’s family home in Sherman Oaks, California in 1971. Tippi Herden lived with her daughter Melanie Griffith and husband Noel Marshall.

Neil, 400lb big cat was considered as family member, and was tamed to act decent. Later Tippi publically grieved about her decision of keeping fully grown wild beast under the same roof with her family.

She said that “We were stupid beyond belief to have that lion in our house.”
But on other hand Neil was a source of inspiration for them to make a film “Roar” on the subject of majestic beasts. But now when she looks back she finds her action humiliating and she admits that she should never have taken those risks.

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